The Case For Social Security Disability, As Published By The Center On Budget and Policy Priorities

Social Security is much more than just a retirement program.  A young person starting a career today has a 1 in 3 chance of dying or qualifying for SSDI before reaching Social Security’s full retirement age.

Young Workers Have 1 in 3 Chance of Death or Disability Before Retirement

SSDI is an earned benefit that offers vital protection to millions of workers.  Through their payroll tax contributions, more than 150 million workers have earned SSDI protection in case of a severe, long-lasting medical impairment.  Nearly 9 million of them receive disabled-worker benefits from SSDI.

Social Security Disability Insurance Protects Millions of Workers of All Ages

The risk of disability rises with age.  People are twice as likely to collect SSDI at age 50 as at 40 — and twice as likely at age 60 as at 50. 

Disability Rates Rise With Age

Disability can have devastating economic consequences.  Not only can disability happen to anyone — especially with advancing age — but it greatly harms people’s economic circumstances.  The worker’s earnings, total family income, and purchases of essentials like food and housing all fall significantly.

Severe and Chronic Disability Greatly Harms People's Economic Circumstances
    The above is important information and i decided to publish it in its entirety; for more information go to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. ch


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