My disability check is too small to pay for my meds and eat

     But hold on just a minute. What I'm about to tell you isn't a secret but its not really explained to the masses either. Get your pen and pencil ready cause here we go. 
     There is help available for people who make $1,517 per month or less through SSA disability and who qualify for the "Extra Help" program through Social Security. This is a program that lowers the cost of prescription refills. 
     For example, say you get 900 dollars every month. The government  gives you Medicare part A and you have to pay $134 for Part B. (Part B gets you to the doctor) That takes you down to $766. Not a whole lot left and you have rent and and you need tons of medications. Many find themselves making a huge decision; take my meds and not eat or vice versa.  
    Extra Help is a Federal program administered by Social Security. To enroll, hop on down to your local SSA office and say, hey Ya'll I need "Extra Help".  
    There are other programs called Medicare Savings Programs which are run by the State. Get less than about 13 hundred dollars a month and you may qualify for a Medicare Savings Program which pays Medicare Part B premiums. Additionally, make less than $1,032 per month then you will qualify for QMB (which is also a Medicare Savings Program) and this not only covers Part B premiums but also many copayments and coinsurance amounts that Medicare doesn't pay for. After you hopped through your local SSA office then next head to your local Medicaid office for help with the Medicare savings programs. And yes you can get the Extra Help and the Medicare savings programs together. 
   The above mentioned financial help can insure you are able to get a your medications and not starve at the same time. 
   I want to thank Dan McCarley with Disability Health Advocates for his expertise and input into today's blog. 


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