Pardon this blogging interruption

  10 trials this week and review of about 5 thousand medical records. Busy week and briefs for next weeks trials. I personally love it when we are busy trying cases because that gives us the opportunity to win cases. Now we don't win every case. Why, because I will take a hard case to try and help those who really need me. Also a lawyer who doesn't lose cases isn't really trying cases.
   I'll be back blogging probably tomorrow after my trials in Cullman, Alabama. If you've noticed I'm in Huntsville and yes i try cases in different areas such as Chattanooga, Nashville, Franklin  and Memphis in Tennessee. In Mississippi i handle trials from Tupelo to Olive Branch. In Georgia I'm trying cases in Atlanta and in Alabama everywhere. Right now we are working to expand to Knoxville. Have gun will travel., and soon


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