Planning Your Retirement. Then Plan Your Disability Retirement Too.

   More than 1000 of you have viewed my blog. Wow, I'm really in owe. I'm told that number is really small in the world of blogs, but, hey, I'm excited about it non-the-less.
   Now, a discussion on the right time to file for disability benefits.
   The right time is just that...the right time.  It could be the right time when you fall off a ladder and injure your back requiring surgery resulting in significant limitations in sitting, standing and walking. It could be the right time when you're barely holding on because of physical and mental impairments and forced to either quit or you're fired. And then  it could be the right time because you planned it so.
   What, wait a minute Cliff, a plan? Yes a plan.
   1. Here's an example. You're gradually getting worse either physically and/or mentally or in combination and can see the "writing on the wall" so to speak. (In this blog i'm dealing with physical issues and not mental. That will be the subject of another blogging topic.)
   Before you exit the workforce and look to SSA disability you better make sure you're telling your doctor all about your symptoms and problems. You also must ensure your doctor or nurse is writing down everything you tell them. You have the right to review your medical records and even purchase them. Here is the current law (as of this date) about getting and paying for your medical records nationwide. ( ) Those medical records will be important in proving your case.
   Ok, I got my records. What else?
   2. Make sure you have diagnostics showing an organic impairment. X-rays or MRI's showing damage like herniated discs and nerve root impingement as well as arthritis of the joints like your knees, shoulders or ankles are essential. These will help prove your case in combination with number 1. if properly documented.
   3. Here's what you do with the information. If your doctor or nurse is not writing down what you tell them and the records show this, then you have every right to tell them to start doing so. If you do not have diagnostics and you're having physical problems get your doctor to order the proper diagnostics for your condition or send you to a specialist who will.
   Getting the medical record right (1) and the proper diagnostics (2) showing physical impairments are the foundation of disability and your key to a fully favorable decision. Planning is everything isn't it!


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