Practicing Law The Old Fashioned Way

   I write this knowing I'm going to unset some and anger others. It comes with the territory and frankly i hope it causes them to pause and rethink things.
    The issue is when do you meet your lawyer when you need SSA disability.  Right now there is a practice among large law firms of not meeting your the claimant until closer to or the day of the hearing. There are also some law firms that have a lawyer meet the claimant in person right before the hearing and then another lawyer comes in and tries the case. There are also national organizations made up of representatives, not lawyers, who fly in and try cases. Again you meet face to face with your representative at the hearing site. I can't tell you how many times I've sat waiting to go in for my trial and a lawyer or representative walks in calling out loud the name of their claimant.
   Small firm lawyers such as myself meet the client right at the beginning to develop a strategy. Its the old way of practicing law and the only way I can do it.
   P.S. also, if you go on short or long term disability your insurance carrier will likely tell you to call this or that organization to handle your SSA case. Watch out and ask when will you meet your lawyer or if you will even get a lawyer to handle your case. Just so you know you have the right to find a lawyer on your own.
   Have a great weekend.


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