A.E.P. and Me, and other firm happenings

             Now that we are in the Annual Enrollment Period until December 7th you may be asking, what does it have to do with me and why should I even care. Here’s why this is an important time for you; You can enroll in another plan. Yes, you are not required to stay with the plan you have right now. You can change plans every year during this time. You can review different options as your circumstances change, i.e.; some plans offer better dental coverage than others, some offer 0 premium and 0 co-pays for your doctor, etc….If you are one Medicare A and paying for Medicare B and SSA signed you up for a drug plan, you need to come in and review plans as Medicare advantage plans offer at least what Medicare offers plus more and better hospitalization coverage as a general rule. Also if you are receiving less than 13 hundred you need to check into the Extra Help Program at Medicare Savings plan. Start at the SSA office for the Extra Help Program then go to the Medicaid office and apply for the Medicare savings plan. The Medicare savings plan will help with your Part B Medicare costs. The Extra Help Program helps with drug costs.
             If you are only receiving Part A, Part B and a separate drug plan, then you really need to get into an advantage plan for the extra benefits and in some cases extra benefits at no additional cost. That’s where I can help you with a review of your current plan offer suggestions for better coverage and if you have a great plan I’ll tell you that cause I want all my SSA disability recipients to get the best care they can and at the most affordable cost.
               On another note, we are looking to expand our services to folks in the Chattanooga area and North Georgia. So remember to think of me when you’re visiting with family and friends. If you are happy with my services then I would hope you would recommend me to them.
               We are up and running 24/7 now with a call center service to help us better serve you. This service is designed for anyone suffering from a tragic car crash after hours and we are supposed to be called and woken up no matter the time. I have already helped a couple of folks, one at 2 am and the other at 4 am with their car crash and guidance on what to do as they struggle with all the issues facing them from medical treatment to what happens to their vehicle. Brent has also been busy answering late night and early morning phone calls. This 24/7 is for emergency situations involving car crashes. We remain ready to help you with your SSA disability needs during regular business hours.
               Our Facebook page is up and running now, please go and take a look and leave your comments about our services. Don’t forget to like us as well so you can get all my blogs and update on the Firm’s happenings.


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