International Intrigue or Out of this World Secret stuff!

Good Morning, we have become international. I'm really not sure how that happened, but I could not be happier. Below is a list of the country's viewing my blog. Now if I could get comments or questions from them, that would be even more outstanding. Well, maybe maybe not.
United States






South Korea



Who are the unknowns ? Are they visiting Aliens who are trying to keep their identity secret. Are they from Roswell in hiding, undercover and walking among us? I'm not sure, but pretty confident they are not the lizard people we hear about as I would think it would be difficult to use the computer with their claws. Are they secret government undercover operatives watching this blog for the potential release of government secrets? Naw, I don't know anything secret. And if someone would of told me secrets they would have had to kill me, so, since i'm writing this you can bet i don't know anything about anything governmental.
So who are the unknowns?
Since the unknowns are following this blog, maybe they can tells us who they are. Just as long as they don't have to kill me after they've told me. Later folks....I hope.... cliff


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