my post from Sept that got lost, i don't know how it happened.


      I am back in the saddle again! I've been studying really hard to comply with all the Medicare requirements to continue to help clients select a Medicare Advantage plan. The insurance company's I work with also have testing to be completed, like one has 18 tests. Well i'm ready to go with the open enrollment period which begins October 15th.
      Two programs I want everyone to know about when they are about to get their medicare part A and Part B. First with Part B there is a cost deducted from your SSA check for 134. You can get help with that amount if you are receiving less than about 13 hundred dollars a month. Its the Medicare savings plan and you can get the paperwork on online or go to your medicaid office. The second program is the extra help program. It helps pay for medicare advantage plan itself, if there is premium. You can greet that paperwork at your local SSA office.
       Many of the new plans for the upcoming open enrollment period have 0 premiums and offer things like dental and eye coverage. Medicare advantage plans provide what;s officer in Medicare part A and B and its even better.
        I'm going to start blogging once a week after this week. I'm thinking Weds or Thursday. Until then, remember if you need disability call a lawyer who actually practices in that specialized area of federal administrative law. And, if you can't meet the lawyer who will be handling your case, then, "Run Forrest Run!"


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